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Free shipping with purchase over $60. Flat rate of $6 between $35 to $60.



This set of MINT'N DRY microfiber cloths is all you need to take care of your bike. With its superior absorbency, it traps maximum dirt inside its thousands of microfibers by keeping the outside of the cloth clean to safely rub any surface of the bike. Each MINT'N DRY cloth is equipped with a scrubbing edge that makes it easier to remove dirt from the core of your cassette without hooking, tearing or leaving a lint deposit.

  • Gentle on all surfaces
  • Ideal for cleaning, scouring, drying and polishing
  • Ideal size for the hand
  • Washable and reusable without loss of efficiency

Cleaning tip: Before cleaning the cloths in a washing machine, let it sit for 15 minutes in hot water and a small quantity of MINT’N DRY degreaser to remove some of the dirt trapped inside the microfibers.

2 Cloths | 29 cm x 29 cm

Density | 315 GSM | g/m2



Entirely made in Canada from fabrics manufactured in Canada 

This product was manufactured in collaboration with the Petites-Mains organization, which promotes labour market integration and social integration.




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