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Bike storage in 4 steps

November 13, 2020

Bike storage in 4 steps

Bike storage in 4 steps

The cold November days quietly herald the end of outdoor cycling. For many, the season will continue all winter on a training basis, while for others, it is time to think about storage.

This is also the perfect time to make a bike health check in case it needs some care as the bike shops now have more time and catch their breath from the high season.

For safe storage of your bike, here are some simple steps we recommend:



Step 1

First degrease the cassette and the chain using a degreaser. Our degreaser does not contain any petroleum products or aggressive solvents. So you can use it safely anywhere on your bike if stubborn dirt gets stuck. Remember to thoroughly clean your frame with a cleaner afterwards to remove any residue that could contaminate the paint in the long run.

Step 2

Even if you are no longer using your bike, it is necessary to reapply lubricant to the chain. Choose a lubricant that prevents corrosion, as it is the chain that is most likely to show signs of rust after a season of storage. Take the opportunity to lightly lubricate other mechanical components such as the derailleur and brake levers.

Step 3

Choose a storage location at a constant temperature and far enough away from a heat source. Too direct heating could have the effect of prematurely drying rubbers such as tires or plastic parts such as a bottle holder.

Step 4

Put a simple blanket on the bike to help prevent dust build-up, especially if you are storing it in the basement.

By applying these few simple measures, you will protect your bike, but you will also be among the first ready to take advantage of the early spring bike days!






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