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Why and how to degrease your bike chain?

May 12, 2020

Good degreasing of the gears and its chain is necessary before lubrication. If the chain is clogged with dirt, the lubricant will not be able to penetrate as deeply inside the links. You will not get all the benefits of the new lubricant and it will be less effective since it will have remained on the surface.

When to degrease the chain and the cassette?

When you run your finger across your bike chain and it’s covered in a black, staining substance? Now is a good time to clean it up! Otherwise, the dirt will continue to build up and create unnecessary friction that will wear out not only your lubricant but your chain prematurely.

How to degrease your chain and cassette effectively?

This may seem complicated at first, but nothing could be simpler. It only takes a little time and some basic techniques. If this is the first time, the process may be longer, but once well degreased, the next cleaning will only be easier.

A good degreaser works simply when you spray the product on the chain and the cassette. The secret is to let it work for at least a minute for it to take effect before removing the dirt. The goal is not to rub hard, but to go over all the elements that need it.

Try to go through each gap of the cassette and the front and rear derailleur to completely remove the dirt. You will have to repeat the operation several times until there is no more dirt when you rub your cloth on the chain.

Steps to degrease efficiently:

  1. Spray the degreaser on the front and rear derailleur, on the cassette as well as on the chain, while turning the crankset backwards to apply it to all the links in your chain.
  2. Leave the product to act for up to a minute.
  3. Scrub the components with a brush and / or absorbent cloth to remove the dirt.
  4. For the chain, wrap it with a cloth while you operate your pedal backwards to cycle through the chain a few times. If necessary, add degreaser to the chain and to the cloth during the operation.
  5. Repeat as necessary to completely dislodge dirt until your chain leaves almost no streaks on your cloth.
  6. Let the chain dry about 30 minutes before applying the lubricant. (note that our MINT’N DRY degreaser does not require rinsing your chain after the operation because it has no petroleum that leaves an oily finish)

The advantages of properly degreasing your chain?

  • You will feel that the mechanism of your bicycle is fluid.
  • You will not hear unpleasant sounds when you pedal.
  • The chain and components will wear out less quickly.

How often do you clean and lubricate your chain?

It depends on the number of kilometres traveled and the number of trips you make, but on average, degreasing should be done every 2 to 3 trips or 150 km, which is the average duration of a lubricant.

Degrease the chain and the cassette well for effective lubrication and a great ride!